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Technical skills
University Queen Mary of London, United Kingdom


PhD in Biology  - Department of Experimental Psychology


University Paris 11, France
Master 2 Neurosciences and Signalling
University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France


Master 1 Neurosciences, Behaviour and Cognition

University Valparaiso, Chile


Magistere of Neurosciences (semester 1)

University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France


Licence in Behavioural Ecology (Biology of Organisms, Populations and Ecosystems)

Informatics: Pack Office, Statistics and modelling (R, Statistica, Sigma Plot, MATLAB, SPSS, Python - basics), AMIRA, Image J, graphics (Wacom tablet) - illustration, use of 3D printer and related softwares, Arduinos.

Scientific skills: Development and implementation of behavioral tests, conditioning protocol, using
pharmacological tools, physiological measurements (hemolymph extraction, glucose concentration), Nanodrop use, statistical analysis of data, imaging techniques (Image J), Immunohistochemestry and immunohistofluorescence (basics), DNA, RNA extraction and purification (basics), quantitative analysis (qPCR) (basics), 2D/3D visual analysis, anatomical drawings, micro-CT, anatomical and physiological measures (respirometer, morphometrics), tunnel experiments, sensory ecology
, isotropic fractionator and more.

Research experience
Post-doctoral fellow - Macquarie University, Biology department, Prof. Barron's laboratory

​2022 (Nov) - Now


How bees use active vision to solde complex visual problems?

Neuroscience (isotropic fractionator), free-flying experiments (bees & birds: hummingbirds), modelling, video analysis.

Post-doctoral fellow - Stockholm University, Sweden, Zoology department, INSECT laboratory

​2020 (April) - 2021 (Nov)


Impact of temperature change on visual behaviour and visual anatomy of pollinators (butterflies and bumblebees)

Neuro-ecological techniques, morphometrics, anatomy, micro CT-technique, AMIRA 3D reconstruction of eyes and brains, tunnel and sensory experiments, PhD supervision, teaching (psychophysics).


Lab manager - Stockholm University, Sweden, Zoology department, INSECT laboratory

​October 2019  - April 2020


Supervising research projects, perform lab techniques, manage reporting, monitoring, resources and personnel, set up the laboratory, creates websites and schedules, assess issues and risks.

PhD student - University Queen Mary of London, United Kingdom, Bee Sensory and Behavioural Ecology Laboratory



Active vision in insects

Behavioural tests (bees and humans – eye-tracking), software programming, 2D/3D tracking, data analysis, statistics.

C.N.R.S. Research engineer - Research Center on Animal Cognition, University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France



Study of the role of AmDOP2 in shock responsiveness in the honeybee Apis mellifera.

Micro-injections, brain dissections and extractions, Nanodrop use, qPCR, behavioural tests, statistical analysis.

C.N.R.S. Research internships - Research Center on Animal Cognition, University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, France and Instituto de Fisiología, Biología Molecular y Neurociencias - Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Supervision: Prof. Giurfa (1,2,3), Dr. de Brito Sanchez (1,2,3) and Dr. Walter Farina (3)



(1) Aversive taste conditioning in the honeybee: neuronal mechanisms and pathways.

Behavioral tests, injections of aminergic blockers, optical imaging, data analysis.

(2) Role of Neuropeptide F in the Ingestion of harmful substances in the domestic honeybee.

Abdominal injections of RNAi, Physiological measurements, Nanodrop use, qPCR.

(3) Influence of insulin injections on olfactory and gustatory sensitivity during development in Apis mellifera.

Behavioral tests: olfactory and gustatory, abdominal injections of insulin, beekeeping.

Research internship - Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencias de Valparaiso – University of Valparaiso, Chili
Supervision: Dr. Whitlock



Study of adult neurogenesis in the olfactory circuits of honeybee queens Apis mellifera.

Bibliography, protocol design, technics in molecular and cellular biology, microscopy, image and results processing, statistics.

Professional skills: Science communication, webpage design and network management, problem-solving skills, organizational capabilities, rigor and autonomy, collaboration, initiative, adaptability, responsiveness, teamwork, mentorship, pedagogy among other things.

Websites I created:


French (mother tongue), English (fluent),

Spanish (fluent),

Catalan (basics),

Swedish (basics)

Grants and prizes

Macquarie Minds and Intelligence initiative (2023) equipment/conference grant (5000$AU)

Marie Curie M.S.C.A. (2020) - Seal of excellence (2021) 93%

Diamond Light Source (2019 and 2020) - synchrotron : 2 grants awarded for projects  (appx 45 000 €)

Local grants for equipment (2019) (5000 €)

Travel grant A.S.A.B. conference 2018 (500£)

PhD Scholarship Active vision in bees (2015) (67 000£)

Edition & Review

Reviewer (2023-now) - Apidologie

Reviewer (2023-now) - eLife

Reviewer (2022-now) - Insects

Guest editor (2022) - Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience

Reviewer (2019-now) - Journal of Experimental Biology

Reviewer (2018-now) - Frontiers 

Teaching and science popularization
Macquarie University, Biology department, Prof. Barron's laboratory - Post-doctoral fellow 

​2022 (Nov) - Now

Supervision: Undergraduate students (1), Master student (1), PhD students (2).
Seminar organising: Types of minds (03/23)
Conferences organisation: Types of minds (03/23), Macquarie Minds and Intelligence Initiative (2023-2024) https:// intelligences-initiative
Collège Victor Hugo, Lavelanet, France - Biology teacher
2022 (March - July)
Teaching: Biology, Geology and more for 11-15 y/o. Creation of course materials, games (Immunity-based Role Play game, Prisonner's dilemma), creative projects, Q&A sessions. Microscope observations & dissections.
Outreach projects: Science club, botanics, Psychology 101 classes on consent, non-violent communication and personal growth.

Stockholm University, Sweden, Zoology department, INSECT laboratory - Post-doctoral fellow and lab manager


Teaching: psychophysics

Supervision: Master students (4), PhD students (2).

Citizen science project: from design to development Pollinators Of Sweden (P.O.S)

Queen Mary University of London, UK - PhD student

Teaching: experimental psychology, research methods, neuro-psychology, statistics, project management, molecular and cellular biology, evolution, practical biology, ecology, behavioural ecology, neurosciences, animal behaviour (and more).

Participation in life science experiments: several in the department of Experimental Psychology including: heart rate control through respiration, E.E.G. experiments on language understanding and music valorisation (non-musicians/musicians), reflex experiments, psychological tests (dark triad, expectations experiments, tests in positive psychology about meaningful conversations) and more during practicals with students.

Supervision: PhD students (2), Master students (3), 3rd year students (3), Nuffield placements students (5)

Citizen science project: Save London's bees

Seminar organising: School of Biological and Chemical Science

Outreach: Middle school conferences (Olympe de Gouges, Montauban)

Museum of Natural History of Toulouse, France - Scientific and cultural guide

2010-2011 (part-time job)

Teaching, science popularization, live demonstrations, scientific and game workshops, exhibition visits, peer training.

Toulouse, France - Private teacher


Teaching mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, english, spanish, french for students between 11-17 y/o.

Space & Numbers in Animal Minds, Canberra, Australia
Sept 2023
Sydney's bee day, University of Sydney, Australia
July 2023
Types of Minds conference, Macquarie University, Australia
March 2023
Twitch, Nature'N Clic - Les abeilles
May 2022
Talk, French, science popularisation
Tovetorp field station, Sweden - Bloodbath conference

October 2019


Royal Holloway College, Egham, United Kingdom - 10th Conference on Animal Navigation (Royal Institute of Navigation)

April 2019

Talk with Vince Gallo


University of Plymouth, United Kingdom - A.S.A.B. conference (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour)

April 2018

1st prize for best talk

Beekeeper Central Association, United Kingdom - (

February 2018


School of Biological and Chemical Science, United Kingdom -


1st year talk, 2nd year poster, 3rd year talk

Queen Mary University, United Kingdom - A.V.A. (Applied Vision Association Conference)

December 2016


French Research Network in Ethology, Tours, France

October 2014

Poster presentation

International Union for the Study of Social Insects (I.U.S.S.I.), Cairns, Australia

July 2014

Poster presentation by Prof. Giurfa

15th French Conference on invertebrate Neurobiology, Toulouse, France

July 2014

1st prize for best poster presentation (F1000).

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-07 at

Talk prize winners A.S.A.B conference

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